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What benefits can you have when buying TikTok accounts?

Becoming a TikToker is no longer a discussion in a competitive digital world nowadays. It all relies on your goals, the amount of work you want to put in to become recognized, where you plan to begin, and how you want others to perceive your brand. If you refuse the exposure and growth, you are giving your opponent a chance to surpass you. 

Therefore, buying a verified TikTok account can be an effective method for anyone who wants to make money with this platform. 

Buy TikTok Accounts to Sell Product and Strengthen Reputation

Many TikTok influencers are chosen by businesses to advertise their products. Because they have mastered bonding with their audience, this is a prevalent method of making money. You can both strengthen your brand and earn a decent amount of money.

This method also works for sellers because TikTok has solid viral power. In TikTok, perception sells. That’s why people prefer to watch a video posted by a user with thousands of followers and likes than videos posted by someone with very few followers. An account with good standing makes it easy to capture attention and bond with the audience.

Buy TikTok Account for Marketing

If you’re into social media marketing, you’re already aware of the value of utilizing big platforms that house your target demographic. TikTok is the next potential platform to grow your brand with more than 1 billion active users.

TikTok marketing raises awareness of your company and drives clients to your email. Perhaps you’re wondering how a platform with so many dance videos might be helpful to your company. It’s straightforward. Create a precise and entertaining video format for your marketing message and enjoy the conversions from your fans.


Why has AudienceGain become one of the best sites with the TikTok account for sale?

At AudienceGain, you may purchase fresh, aged, or used TikTok accounts with your desired needs. You’ll be delighted to improve your brand exposure, interactions, and conversions if you do it correctly by validating the performance and seller legitimacy.

Provides full features of a monetized TikTok channel

Once you own a TikTok account from us, you also become a TikTok Creator Fund program member and are eligible to make money instantly. With videos with evergreen content and a solid fan base, you do not need to develop from the starting point but take advantage of the initial videos to build strong content.

Commitment to long-term support from experts

To anyone, even if you are based in ineligible countries, once you purchase our service, you certainly receive our dedicated support from setting up payment information step by step to practical advice to develop account orientation in the long term.

Ịn short, becoming TikTok influencers, becoming famous, and making money through TikTok in just a short period is what AudienceGain can assure customers who quickly sign up to buy verified TikTok accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since TikTok has tightened its requirements for the monetization programs in this platform. Your account needs to meet the strict new guidelines to have enough 10,000 TikTok Followers and 100,000 Views in the last 30 days. Yes, it challenges new TikTokers to reach it within a short time for many reasons because building an account always need investment in time and money. And even if your account is eligible for monetization, the review and approval process may still risk because TikTok depends on many factors and mostly the videos’ content. However, buying a Monetized TikTok Account will give you more time to focus on creating great videos instead of wasting time on unnecessary steps.

Based on this platform’s popularity worldwide, buying a Monetized TikTok Account is a right solution for people to make money in Cov-19. Catch it now!

Sure. However, you must use a VPN to fake IPs to an eligible country while using the TikTok account. 

It sounds complicated, but it’s simple to do.

There’re only three steps like this:

1. Temporarily remove the sim from your phone when using TikTok. It will be easier if you have two phones.

2. Change the region and time zone on your phone to the eligible countries.

3. Connect to Wifi and use as usual.

Note: Make sure you don’t upload videos to TikTok without doing the three steps above. Also, don’t worry if you accidentally open TikTok without doing the above steps. It doesn’t affect too much, but we recommend being as careful as possible.

Here’s the process of delivery after you have paid:

  • Send a confirmation email for checking to create consistency before delivery.
  • Waiting for confirmation from customers.
  • Once it’s confirmed, we will prepare and deliver the channel within 24 hours to your email.
  • Guide login and use the account safe.

Note: Once you have checked everything and found it’s good as we’ve described, we will complete the order.

Before ordering, we want to talk with customers about the plan. Then, we will base on that  to bring the most suitable one.
Moreover, that would be best when we keep in touch through Whatsapp, Skype, or other tools that we can discuss directly. We will base that on supporting you better.

The TikTok Monetized account has over 10,000 Followers and 100,000 Views with around 5-20 videos no-copyright.

Besides that, we base it on Social Media to boost the TikTok Videos videos until it becomes eligible for monetization. That’s 100% legal and complies with TikTok’s policy. However, building an account through Social Media will bring more trust. From that, the future videos would have more chance toward the “viral” effect.

With the rise of TikTok, comes the popularity of the concept of buying TikTok accounts.

TikTok has managed to surpass Instagram as the second-hot-favorite social media platform for teenagers. This versatile shirt-video app seems to have gained phenomenal popularity among teenagers, second only to Snapchat. 

More than 2 billion people have downloaded TikTok and around 800 million people worldwide log into the app, daily!

Despite such massive users, when you first start out using TikTok, you are going to see other’s accounts and feel a little disappointed. You have 2 followers and they have thousands. How did they do it?

Even though hot TikTokers like Addison Rae or Charli D’Amelio started out just like most content creators on the app, they have now outpaced the rest with dozens of millions of followers.

As such, this raises the question of whether or not you can buy TikTok account instead of wasting time trying to build an audience. 

In this article, we will look at this question from all angles and give you the best answer on buying TikTok accounts.

Should you get a Tiktok Account for sale?

Should you get a TikTok account for sale? Maybe, maybe not! It all depends on your plans, your marketing strategy to get known, where you want to start, and how you want people to view your brand depending on the niche.

Imagine logging into your TikTok account with less than 50 followers only to realize that most users in your feed have thousands and millions of active followers. Well, you’ll feel like you’re in the wrong place. But that’s what it is.

The competition is fierce at this point, which means that your chances of doing things organically are relatively low. 

However, there are alternative ways to kick start your TikTok career and make it big on the app.

For instance, there are three things you can do: buying TikTok followers, growing your TikTok account organically, or buying a used TikTok account. 

While focusing on organic growth is most recommended, the reality is it’s not as easy as it sounds. Good traction requires good strategies and time. And buying followers’ can only work well in the beginning to give your account a boost, but not in the long run.

However, in a competitive digital era where delayed exposure and growth means giving your competitor a chance to outshine you, buying TikTok accounts is no longer a taboo. 

In fact, it’s now a norm for businesses and those that want to become TikTok influencers, and make some bucks from TikTok.

Furthermore, you still can buy an account that has grown organically from the marketplace. So, what do you gain the moment you buy a TikTok account? 

Let’s find out. 

Is buying used TikTok accounts legal?

Technically speaking, it’s not exactly legal to sell and buy a TikTok account according to the TikTok’s terms and conditions.

However, it’s still a bit of a murky area, because there are still no laws that say you can’t sell and purchase social property.

What this means is that if you’re smart about it, the rough guidelines won’t be a problem and you can buy an existing TikTok account without getting in trouble.

The pros of buying TikTok accounts

Buying TikTok Accounts to Boost Perception

Because of perception, accounts with very few followers have a harder time growing than accounts with thousands or millions of followers. People tend to be skeptical about those accounts’ quality and usually skip them.

In contrast, most brands prefer TikTok influencers with a considerable fanbase to showcase a product. Why?

The answer is straightforward – they have learned the act of bonding with their audience to boost their brand perception. From this, people trust what they have to offer.

This also explains why people prefer to watch a video posted by a user with thousands of followers and likes than videos posted by one with very few followers. An account with good popularity has a better chance to capture attention and promote products.

After all , on TikTok, perception sells. That is the core of social media. Not everybody is a celebrity, and the majority have to build a name from scratch. 

Buying a TikTok account is just a stepping stone, what comes after will solely depend on your plans and strategy for the future.

Once people see you as authentic and popular, they’ll prefer your content, and your views, likes and followers will grow much faster. As a result, it is much easier to buy a TikTok account along with its followers rather than spending too much time before making any money from the app.

Buying TikTok Accounts for TikTok Marketing

With more than 1 billion active users and over 2.6 billion app downloads, TikTok is indeed a force to be reckoned.

In fact, massive platforms with a large audience like TikTok holds a great deal of power in social media marketing.

So why miss the potential when you can give it a try?

Play your cards right and you can get your business known and bring clients to your inbox by TikTok marketing. 

All you have to do is create your brand message in a precise and interesting video format and enjoy the conversions from your followers. 

The cons of buying TikTok accounts

The problem with buying TikTok accounts is you might get more than what you bargained for. It means that one might end up buying all aspects of the business, even the bad ones without knowing it.

For example, you might unknowingly buy an account with high follower count but low engagement. Chances are, those followers are fake and the previous owners bought them from an unreliable source. 

TikTok would detect your unusual activity and might take legal action, which may result in your account being banned.

There are also chances one might fail to influence and engage with the existing followers, or you might be restricted in other ways such as reporting. 

This means even if you’re buying TikTok accounts, you must have the mentality to work hard, or else it’s a bad investment. 

To avoid it, you must ensure to pick the right site when it comes to buy  verified TikTok accounts online. 

Choosing a middleman company to buy TikTok accounts

When you’re in the market for a TikTok account that already has an existing following, there are a few things that you have to remember.

One is that it’s essential you do a background check on the account before making your purchase. This includes things like making sure their engagement rate is real, as well as their followers.

It’s also important to look at their comments, too, and make sure that they’re real and not too spammy.

All of this is going to save you a lot of frustration further down the track if the account ends up being fake or full of spam. 

As such, instead of doing it yourself, you can choose a reliable middleman company to help you buy verified TikTok accounts with authentic followers. 

How much do TikTok accounts cost?

When you decide to buy a TikTok account and commence your search journey on various marketplaces, you’ll realize that the price varies. The price among many middlemen places will vary. And it is for a reason.

Accounts with high follower count and likes tend to be a bit pricey. For new accounts, you only need a few bucks. Authentic, verified accounts with a huge following on a competitive niche however, will cost you a small fortune. 

But this variation can also be a good thing. It will give you time to research different options and weigh the cost based on what you intend to spend.

Remember, the price of a TikTok account is going to be determined by how many followers it has.

What to remember when buying a TikTok Account

If you’re really determined to buy a TikTok account, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you hand over the money.

Let’s take a look at what these are. 

Stay Within Your Niche

If your niche on TikTok is all about cooking content, then you’re not going to want to find an existing TikTok account that is all about hip hop. 

Your audience just won’t be prepared to interact with such a sudden content revamp, and you could end up losing them before you’ve even been able to connect with them properly. 

Stick to your niche, so that keeping that existing following won’t be a problem in the long run. 

Get The Right Email and Password  

This is in case that you are unlucky enough to buy a TikTok account from a not so upfront and honest vendor. 

If they don’t give you the real email and password for the account., there’s nothing stopping them from reporting that their account has been hacked, and then you lose your money and your new account.  

Change That Email and Password 

As soon as you get your hand on the account, change both the email and password immediately. You don’t want the old vendor to have access to the account in case of dispute or worse, being banned and losing money. 


Buying Tiktok accounts from an authentic marketplace can be a game-changer. In the time when people engage with you based on your account standings, those followers and likes count a lot.

However, along with it comes many risks that require you to be a smart buyer. The last thing you need is to be stuck with an account that doesn’t have active TikTok followers or have issues shaking the vendor.

To avoid those unnecessary hassle, AudienceGain will help you choose the best TikTok account based on your needs. We guarantee that our options all come with legitimate follower count and engagement. 

In case of any problems, we will gladly support you even after you have purchased any TikTok account from us. 

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